Rachel Alger, MA

Copywriter & Content Strategist

Hi, I’m Rachel

I’m a copywriter, content strategist, and expert in my field. I hold a Master’s degree in Communication Studies from Wilfrid Laurier University, where I specialized in research. I am certified in ethical practices by the Interagency Advisory Panel of Research Ethics and am adept at developing and implementing effective strategic communications for businesses in both the nonprofit and private sectors.

I have written for companies and organizations around the globe, and am so thankful to love what I do. With over a decade of experience and seven years of intensive study in my field, I provide professional services that seamlessly integrate established company culture with elevated brand messaging to create exceptionally clear, persuasive content that gets you noticed.

Let’s work together.

What I Can Do For You


Copywriting and SEO Content Writing

Whether you’re marketing a product, an idea, informing stakeholders or seeking capital, your written communications should be well-researched, persuasive and crisp.

I provide expertly crafted, engaging work that is tailored to your specific strategic needs, and optimized to promote brand recognition.

Strategic Communications

Effective communication strategies are essential. They demand vision, research, planning, accuracy, and decisive action.

Your reputation is everything. I understand the importance of anticipating risks before they arise, and the work required to ensure that your brand prioritizes value over visibility.


Social Media Writing And Brand Voice

Social media creates connections in real time, making strategic and targeted messaging indispensable to your brand.

From Twitter to Instagram and everything in between, my professional services ensure that your social platforms encourage authentic growth and engagement.